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Cobo Center: Plan Your Next Meeting in America's Great Comeback City

With an energy and vitality that are hard to resist, Detroit is America's great comeback city. In recent years, billions have been invested into revitalizing downtown Detroit. A transformed riverfront, bustling nightlife, diverse dining, championship sports teams and a packed lineup of festivals and events make metro Detroit an exciting destination. And when paired with downtown's new convention capabilities, Detroit can host your event unlike any other destination.

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Few things compare to the Detroit Institute of Arts' sun-soaked Rivera Court, but the things that do can be found just a few feet away, among the DIA's collection of masterpieces. When the museum doors close, Detroit is always open, and its culture, nightlife and events are just waiting to be discovered. Dine at a fine establishment like Michael Symon's Roast, then take in a show at the magnificent Fox Theatre. Or take in a baseball game and grab a coney dog. Whatever your tastes, in The D, amazing is waiting around every corner.

Detroit - America's Great Comeback City

It's tough being the new kid on the block again, but Detroit has never wavered. The city is shattering the Image of its rough-and-tumble past and asserting itself as a world-class destination and convention city. We've embraced our gritty, get-things-done attitude and accomplished so much in a very short time. The truth is, there's never been a better time to host a meeting in Detroit. Our city is inviting, safe and reliable, and we're eager to show you how far we've come and what we're going to tackle next. We invite you to be a part of our comeback - to see first-hand why Detroit is truly America's great comeback city.