Geek Culture

Here's a sampling of articles I've written covering all the facets of nerd-dom that don't quite involve talking about video games directly. More like, peripherally, I guess. Games-adjacent. Kitty-corner geekiness. Whatever you call it, it's a blast to write about. 

26 Hilarious Animal Cosplay Of Your Favorite Kids Cartoon Characters

Cosplay is for everyone, you guys. Whether you’re short, tall, big, not big, with a skin pigmentation hex value of anywhere from #FFFFFF to #000000 and all points in-between. One of the things we’ve overlooked here at TheGamer, however, is the involvement of our beloved fuzzy buddies. Those four-legged, hairy companions that make our days brighter when we come home or when we’ve had a particularly bad day. They help us get through the tough times in our life, and in return, all they ask for is some food, some water, and some cuddles. We truly get the better end of the deal. So it’s only a matter of course that we should share our nerdy little passions with our pets.

20 Mind-Blowing Cosplays You Won’t Believe Are The Same Person

Not only is Sosenka a cosplayer, she's also a seamstress, a makeup artist, a body painter, and a special effects artist as well. She blends all of these skills and more deftly and masterfully, creating works of wearable art in all ranges of complexity. And since she only started three years ago, you'd think she could only have been as good as I'm saying for like three months or so. And you would be dead wrong. Sosenka came out of the gate a dyed-in-the-wool badass. Her makeups were more transformative than just color-matching. Her use of special effects brought people like Tyrion Lannister and Jinx from League of Legends to life with equal and startling accuracy. And her costumes are true-to-life, just like her makeup skills are. There's nothing to dislike about her, so sit back and enjoy twenty of her best looks.

15 Jaw-Dropping Cosplay Mashups That Make NO Sense

From the entire line of Disney Princesses dressing up as their own version of Slave Leia to the dozens of different Boba Fetts out there, taking one character and mixing it with another creates a whole new look that in many cases is much greater than the original. When done expertly, it becomes cosplay that shatters the bounds of traditional thinking and takes the medium to a new level. Granted, usually, that level is some silly pun. But the end result is hilarious, and even if it's not meant to be the living embodiment of some dad joke, it's still excellent cosplay that deserves its own time in the spotlight. So allow me to do that, however brief it may be and however small the light I can give is, for these fifteen awesome cosplays that will blow your mind and make your day. I know they made mine.

Not For Kids: 21 Dragon Ball Characters Corrupted By A Devious Community

There are two types of people in this world: people who like Dragon Ball and all of its off-shoot series (yes, even GT), and those who are wrong. And face it, guys - Akira Toriyama's art style is flattering to everyone, no matter who (or what) you are. So it only makes sense that the various artists on the Internet who've been inspired by Dragon Ball would make images of their own in the show/manga's art style. But sometimes... how can I say this? People love to draw their favorite characters, but people love corrupting their favorite characters even more. Sometimes, people just want to draw their favorite characters playing with their Senzu Beans. Bringing forth their eternal dragons. Shooting their ki blasts willy-nilly.