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Why I’m Excited for the New Valve + Shapeways Partnership (And You Should Be Too!

If you somehow don’t know, Valve owns Steam, the largest PC gaming retailer on the planet. The company has earned legendary status. That’s because not only does Valve own Steam, but they’re behind some of the most iconic titles in video games: Dota® 2, Half-Life®, and Portal®, just to name a few. And now, any Shapeways member can create their own version of those beloved properties and set it for sale in their Shapeways store. That means that the floodgates are now open for our legions of talented creators to design whatever their hearts desire.

The New York Comic Con Survival Guide, 2017 Edition

Second only to the granddaddy of them all, San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con is an event that sprawls across what feels like every inch of Midtown Manhattan. A gargantuan amount of geekery and nerddom is about to descend on the Big Apple like a pair of Kaiju looking for a place to brawl, and the sheer scale of it all practically calls for a guide to help you even begin to make sense of it all. Thankfully, Shapeways is here to ensure you can squeeze every bit of awesomeness you can get out of your time there. So get ready to take some notes, or at the very least, bookmark this page, because we’re going to try and help you out.

Cannot Unsee: 20 Unforgettable Console Game Mistakes

Video games are everywhere. We've reached a point in our society where games and the worlds they create are almost as valid in mainstream society as other forms of entertainment like movies, TV, and books (remember those?). And as they increase in public prominence, we start to see them in places we never looked before. Strange associations and little coincidences start turning up everywhere, and in many cases, as the famous saying goes - once you see them, you can never un-see them. Now, some of these things might be found on video game boxes, a topic I've covered before, and it was great to find some more for this one. There's a lot of bad video game box art out there everybody, and I mean that in every possible meaning of that word, from every era throughout time.

20 Fan-Made Game Covers WAY Better Than The Official Version

Strider is one of the more successful 2D side scrollers of the 90s for SNES and Sega Genesis to date. However, being released in the 90s, means that the American release was stricken with the terrible curse of the hyper-realistic fantasy art, turning the masked, brown-haired, katana-wielding Strider Hiryu into some Richard-Dean-Anderson-looking mook in a wrestling outfit. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm sure this art has a place. But it's not found in misrepresenting the art of another game. This version by SpankThru brings a look that, well, looks like Strider when you play it. He looks like he does when you play him in Marvel vs. Capcom. Not only that, but we see a concrete villain, looming above Strider. It's awesome. You know what isn't? Three throwaway goons in the bottom right corner.

25 Hilarious Skyrim Dad Jokes That Will Leave You Laughing

Whether it's because of Todd Howard's endless resurrections of a game that's pushing ten years old, or through the ingenuity of the Internet, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of those games that you're just never going to be rid of. And if the good folks over at r/SkyrimDadJokes have anything to say about it, that's the way it's going to be.  And since I needed 25 of these babies, I essentially know the page inside and out now. To be honest, this is a future I think I can get behind. If only